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The Right Rental Home is hard to find, isn’t it? 
Or is it….?

Choose a home in which you actually want to live. 

My personal mission is to make a significant and positive difference in people’s lives. I work closely with Home Partners whose mission is the same. They do it by helping people, who might not otherwise be able to, get into great homes, in neighborhoods they love, with the opportunity to build a more secure financial future.

The Challenge
Many people want the benefits of living in a single family home, yet have one or more of these concerns: 

 Can't find a For Rent house that's right for you? With this program, you'll choose from homes For Sale!                                   First-time home buyer? You may be cautious about making such a large financial investment.                                       Relocating? Which neighborhood? What community? Where are the good schools? You need time to thoroughly explore the area, but don't want to live in a cramped apartment while you do.                                                                                                                 Or … You may simply not be ready to purchase at this time. 

The Solution
Home Partners provides the opportunity for people to move into a great home and community today that otherwise may not be available in the rental market.

How It Works                                                                                                                                                                                Qualified prospective residents work together with me, Jan Stern, Refreshing REALTOR®, to select the right place from homes that are currently for sale. You can choose from a wide variety of properties in communities in great neighborhoods that Home Partners serves that fit your budget and meet Home Partners’ investment criteria. They buy the home and rent it to you, and you’ll have five years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease. If you decide to buy it, you’ll have purchase price certainty as well.

What To Do Next

1. Call Jan Stern at 727-259-4268 before you apply. Get the particulars, get your questions answered and learn the qualifications for yourselves and for your prospective home.

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4. Find a Home   Ask Jan how to use the search most easily and effectively.