If you earn a salary of $40k per yr. it’ll take 25 yrs. to make 1 Million $, 25,000 yrs. to earn 1 billion $ and 25 million yrs. to earn 1 trillion $.   So when you hear about debt in the trillions, you get an idea of how big the numbers are. So what’s this have to do with barrier island real estate? Countries print money to keep economies growing. This causes inflation. Inflation causes prices to rise until most can’t afford to buy. This causes recession. It’s a normal cycle which I’ve seen in Florida 4 times since 1972. The fifth recession is coming. Beach prices are high and inventories are low, causing prices to increase even more. The supply of barrier island land is limited unless you consider the 1000s of old, flood prone properties, and the number of homeowners who need to sell but are waiting for the top of the market in this cycle. When the inevitable top hits, the price decreases could be rapid. “Since nobody knows the top or the bottom of any market, forget about buying or selling there.” {Warren Buffet).

Now’s the time to evaluate your personal real estate situation and set your future direction. Do not depend upon the internet alone to evaluate your property. Interview at least 3 local, knowledgeable advisors to find out what your property is worth. Most agents offer this service without cost or obligation. They must see the inside of the property and know your time frame and needs. Resort area properties will decrease in value less than those inland during the next recession.

As government debt increases, our dollar decreases and the next recession is closer. Be aware and take care. Call me for  any personal real estate assistance.                                                                 

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All the best, Jim “Property Wizard” Beggins, Broker,
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