From the emergence of branded real estate companies beginning in the 70s, to the possibility of artificial intelligence annihilating the career that I love, let’s see if this original “MOM &POP” industry can be saved...or should it be left to continual demise? Franchises were started to give local agencies a chance to compete outside of their office area. These mega companies grew worldwide but forgot two critical points. The “CUSTOMER OR CLIENT IS FIRST” and that “STAYING LOCAL IS CRITICAL!” Agents take business in areas that they know nothing about. Most say that it’s always a great time to sell and a great time to buy as long as the agent can make a commission. Now it seems that agents have little relevance and are being replaced by 100’s of disruptors to our industry. Is this inevitable? Yes…Unless…a new model is created that provides real-time, personalized service at affordable prices. Here’s the model that’s worked for my 45+ year career but has seemed to be minimized: 

Agents must totally engage and get to know the personality, the wants and the needs of the client.

Agents and their clients must thoroughly understand the goals of the transaction.

Agents must strive to know EVERYTHING about the LOCAL market.

Agents must work a specified schedule and be available for clients when needed.

Agents must be constantly trained and coached towards constant and never ending improvement.

Agents must have negotiators, administrators, analysts, coaches and mentors dedicated ONLY to clients.

Agents must provide MORE value than the client pays for.

If all of the above are not done our industry will be replaced by impersonal robots.  I’m instituting a system with full disclosure, which you can track to evaluate its success or failure. If it works, we all win. If it doesn’t we all lose. Why would our agents do what most won’t? Because we offer them area ownership with a career path to owning their own business and we coach them to success by helping their clients win.                                                                                             

Here's the Plan: My team of trusted advisors FOCUS on 5 beach areas; Pass-a-Grille, St. Pete Beach, Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, and Causeway/Paradise Islands. They learn about every listing, sale, expired listing, for sale by owner, town restrictions and zoning opportunities and share with interested parties, so they can make informed decisions. Property owners get monthly updates about their area. A personality assessment will be offered free to you to compare with the profile of potential agents to maximize compatibility and common goals. We offer a free real time Strategic Pricing Analysis (SPA), featuring 15 properties most like yours showing what buyers CAN PAY, DID PAY AND REFUSED TO PAY. You should always know what your assets are worth. A precise game plan will be agreed upon before we work together. If you want to save the commission, we’ll help you get a license or provide the option to market your property utilizing our Exquisite Property Auction. We’ll share negotiating tips to get the best deal for your family and handle every detail of the transaction. You’re invited you to our weekly “REAL BEACH TALKS, each Tuesday 4 -5PM, in person or online at C21wizard.com to share area specific news.                                                                                                           

Success is surviving failure after failure with little loss of enthusiasm (Winston Churchill).  After well over 4 decades as a Florida broker and a barrier island resident I’m returning to the core beliefs which built numerous businesses in closely related fields. Under all is the land and the potential clients who live upon it. Pinellas barrier island land is the best value in Florida no matter what economic cycle we’re in. Watch us grow.