Good morning, Craig –  

Recently The Redmile family had the pleasure of working with George Gavaletz in finding our new home. I am sure there’s never a simple home purchase and ours was no different there. We had several layers to the process, including being very particular, needing to sell our home to buy, and also we lived 1250 miles away in New York City.  

George wasn’t the loudest man in the room, he was confident enough to step back and let others talk when we visited homes. But he’d done his homework and knew where to question and when to intervene. As our partnership grew he knew our needs and helped guide us to potential solutions. He wasn’t afraid to stand up to me either – if he knew my request would backfire. And for that I thank him and was able to learn from him. He was also willing to take direction if we felt strongly about certain variables or needs. Which helped us ultimately find a home our family loves. He was awesome and I will actually miss our interactions.  

Please do pass on my thanks and the deepest thanks from our family.


Kevin, Jessica and Sydney Redmile