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Growing up in Michigan I  have always had a desire to be near the water or a beach.  My family has a summer cottage in Northern Michigan and I love the sense of nature and the serenity of a waterfront home.

After working for 11 years in a luxury brand within the hospitality and entertainment industry, I decided to make a full time move to a warm climate with sunshine and beaches everyday, and I moved to the Tampa area where I currently reside in South Tampa.

My interest in real estate was explored when I made a move to Las Vegas in my early 20’s to pursue a career in the hospitality field.  I bought my first house ( new construction) and was “hooked” on the opportunity to create my dream home.  After the  completion of my dream house, my job moved me to San Diego,where I enjoyed my new life in a wonderful setting in an older townhome where I realized blending old and new is really amazing.

When I chose to move to Tampa with my partner Bill and our French Bulldog Louee, the sunshine and beaches seemed like the perfect fit for me!  My interest in working out, spinning, and running on the beach made my life complete.

I completely renovated our current residence and worked closely with contractors and vendors over several months and created my new “dream” house close to the water and the opportunity to enjoy sunshine every day of the year.

I specialize in creating the “perfect fit” for you and your family with my extensive knowledge of what it takes to make your house a home. I realize that LOCATION is critical in making a home a happy family place.  My personal experiences will help you find that ideal location and with my savvy creative influences, I can help make  your real estate purchase or listing a DREAM for you and your FAMILY.

Allow me to help guide you to the perfect home!  I will bring a ray of sunshine to the experience all along the way.


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