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Ronnie Bramer
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Why fight for survival when you can be a Lion and OWN the Jungle!!!

Why does a Lion own the jungle? They simply do not live with any illusions. They do what they were born to do … Own the jungle.

Others choose to live their lives as worker ants, bringing back food, fighting for survival, protecting the nest, working so others may enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I have been blessed to live in2 worlds that combine both and to live and grow as one community.

One world is a Life Coach with a specialty in helping people develop their business and be comfortable with being who they were born to be. The other world is Real Estate where as a Realtor I get to help people experience the American Dream.

When you are willing to feel that you are good enough just the way you are you are no longer afraid to create your life where every you live is filled with amazement and wonder. With the right mindset, skills and actions you will own the jungle.

I love working with the Agents of Change (new tag line for Realtors at C21) as a Business Development Coach with C21 Beggins Enterprises. Plus work as a Realtor where we have the #3 Centurion Team in the region.

In addition I am able to work with Jared James Enterprises a leader in the field of real estate coaching.

With the University of Tampa I have the pleasure of coaching with the leaders of the future.

My last active coaching position is with United Way helping people to understand the value of building wealth (It’s not what you earn it’s how much you keep).

If you would like to learn more about our coaching community or how to find the best values in real estate today as a member of our “Good Deal Home Buyers Club “. I would love to hear from you.

Buyer Club consists of how to work with a builder to negotiate the absolute best deal, off market single famile and commercial properties.

Ronnie Bramer Text or call 727-686-8192

30 plus years experience with real estate, mortgages and property mgmt. 7 plus years performance coaching experience. Currently with C21, Jared James, volunteer University Tampa, United Way.