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Mark Baserap
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 My family moved to St. Pete Beach from New Jersey in 1975 and purchased a home on the island of Vina del Mar. I am the youngest of 4 and loved growing up in the beach community.  My Dad was a teacher and my Mom was a Realtor for Century 21. I attended Gulf Beaches Elementary, St. Paul’s Catholic, Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg College, and most recently, Cooke Real Estate School. I have an incredible, smart, beautiful wife, Brandi, a son, Tim, daughter, Sadie and granddaughter, Ariya.  

I chose to follow in my Mom’s footsteps with Century 21 because I have great memories of being around the Century 21 family as a child and want the same for my children. I became involved in the real estate industry in 2003 as a mortgage broker. I started off refinancing Veteran’s as our country was enjoying historically low interest rates. Being able to provide the men and women that fought for our country with financial solutions was beyond rewarding! I transitioned into the purchase market and became the in-house mortgage broker for Florida Lifestyles Realty.

I enjoyed helping families finance their Florida lifestyle dream! When the mortgage industry imploded, I went into management for a Fortune 500 company and happily watched the stock rise from $65 per share to over $689 per share at the most recent market closing!

When my daughter was born in August of 2014, we began interviewing nannies and at that point I realized that if I stayed on my career path a stranger was going to raise my daughter! This brings us to today, where I have the freedom to balance time with my family and helping you realize your Florida lifestyle dream!